330 Commits (master)

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  Uwe Oestermeier eff934e8b5 Moved the addVelocity method after the transform to allow a modification of the delta within the transform method. To make this destructive side effect more explicit transform could return a modified value. But that could effect several projects. 1 week ago
  Sebastian Kupke 266a770c8e Merge branch 'master' into obersalzberg 1 month ago
  Uwe Oestermeier a5f94e0a5f Reverted changes from commit fa0256d782 and moved addVelocity from _move back to old locations. 1 month ago
  Uwe Oestermeier fff7a4f685 Fixed import order. 2 months ago
  Sebastian Kupke d0ae8893cc Version 1.1.1. 2 months ago
  Sebastian Kupke 1b4eee6498 Merge branch 'master' of gitea.iwm-tuebingen.de:IWMBrowser/iwmlib 2 months ago
  Sebastian Kupke ac779af339 Popup close buttons can take a URL. 2 months ago
  Severin Opel 1316a727f3 Fixed offset error. 3 months ago
  Severin Opel be950ec8c1 Tried fix scatter. 3 months ago
  Severin Opel ca5a39d661 Changed wrapper and events to allow other EventListeners. 3 months ago
  Severin Opel fa0256d782 Moved addVelocity to _move. 4 months ago
  Severin Opel 114c217ffa Improved logging and adjusted card's click handler 7 months ago
  Severin Opel 28cfdc180c Fixt highlight order on creation. 8 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 116058ba77 Fixed a problem with clicking transformed rects in card wrappers. 8 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 4211548b8b Removed console logs. 9 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 12b17fd7af Fixed call of popup menu commands with parameters.s 9 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 47b178fbc1 Added event parameter to PopupMenu perform. 9 months ago
  Severin Opel 6ab63eb32c Now calling 'this' to allow overloading of methods. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 6445ab3f57 CardLoader.load now checks for ready state. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 129672eb0f Added options object to toggle function. 1 year ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 70031d3bfa Removed comment since border case appeared in Edge. 1 year ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 9db5723746 Updated dist 1 year ago
  Uwe Oestermeier d4ab5c7e9c Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.iwm-tuebingen.de/IWMBrowser/iwmlib 1 year ago
  Uwe Oestermeier b068fd176f Added lineWidth support. 1 year ago
  Uwe Oestermeier f70968fe01 Changed scale 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke 1c70433b86 Updated to PixiJS 5.2.1. 1 year ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 54b685ab42 Changed calling order 1 year ago
  Uwe Oestermeier e6f6f6b185 Changed calling order 1 year ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 7bb3b696f7 Created new build. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke 6cdf5310ba Added graphics alpha workaround. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke 1967b791e0 Updated dependencies. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke ebb4b9154e Updated pixi-compressed-textures. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke b32132c71f Removed stopEvents from RigidContainer. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke f398fe4824 Fixed reference bug. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel d5b87f23cf Updated generated content (Docs & dist). 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 7f2fc93fa3 Reworked overlay itself and doctest. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 32e913c629 Fixed wrongly assigned parameters 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 87c966062c Map's cover state now updates every time cover is requested. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel d7f867f1a6 Added maps graphics. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel e188f3474f Reverted index.css to previous version. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 1e80845aa6 Fixed cover bug. Renamed mapdata to mapprojection. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel a85569e54d commited for presentation. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 65fac2f406 Renamed 'MapView' to 'MapViewport'. Added documentation to the maps module. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 60e28f8fe5 Improved doctest css. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 792892cb82 Removed PIXIUtils from geographics. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 9159073483 Fixed GeoGraphics doctest. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 8745554cee Implemented a mapChangeLock variable to prevent mapChanges. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 096e374997 Added mouse wheel event to submap scatter. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel f3fed535d8 Modified scatter to get access to the Resize event. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 5305561619 Ongoing cleanup and refactoring of maps. 1 year ago