320 Commits (master)

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  Severin Opel fa0256d782 Moved addVelocity to _move. 1 week ago
  Severin Opel 114c217ffa Improved logging and adjusted card's click handler 4 months ago
  Severin Opel 28cfdc180c Fixt highlight order on creation. 4 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 116058ba77 Fixed a problem with clicking transformed rects in card wrappers. 4 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 4211548b8b Removed console logs. 5 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 12b17fd7af Fixed call of popup menu commands with parameters.s 5 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 47b178fbc1 Added event parameter to PopupMenu perform. 5 months ago
  Severin Opel 6ab63eb32c Now calling 'this' to allow overloading of methods. 9 months ago
  Severin Opel 6445ab3f57 CardLoader.load now checks for ready state. 9 months ago
  Severin Opel 129672eb0f Added options object to toggle function. 9 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 70031d3bfa Removed comment since border case appeared in Edge. 10 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 9db5723746 Updated dist 11 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier d4ab5c7e9c Merge branch 'master' of https://gitea.iwm-tuebingen.de/IWMBrowser/iwmlib 11 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier b068fd176f Added lineWidth support. 11 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier f70968fe01 Changed scale 11 months ago
  Sebastian Kupke 1c70433b86 Updated to PixiJS 5.2.1. 11 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 54b685ab42 Changed calling order 11 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier e6f6f6b185 Changed calling order 11 months ago
  Uwe Oestermeier 7bb3b696f7 Created new build. 11 months ago
  Sebastian Kupke 6cdf5310ba Added graphics alpha workaround. 11 months ago
  Sebastian Kupke 1967b791e0 Updated dependencies. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke ebb4b9154e Updated pixi-compressed-textures. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke b32132c71f Removed stopEvents from RigidContainer. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke f398fe4824 Fixed reference bug. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel d5b87f23cf Updated generated content (Docs & dist). 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 7f2fc93fa3 Reworked overlay itself and doctest. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 32e913c629 Fixed wrongly assigned parameters 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 87c966062c Map's cover state now updates every time cover is requested. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel d7f867f1a6 Added maps graphics. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel e188f3474f Reverted index.css to previous version. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 1e80845aa6 Fixed cover bug. Renamed mapdata to mapprojection. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel a85569e54d commited for presentation. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 65fac2f406 Renamed 'MapView' to 'MapViewport'. Added documentation to the maps module. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 60e28f8fe5 Improved doctest css. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 792892cb82 Removed PIXIUtils from geographics. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 9159073483 Fixed GeoGraphics doctest. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 8745554cee Implemented a mapChangeLock variable to prevent mapChanges. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 096e374997 Added mouse wheel event to submap scatter. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel f3fed535d8 Modified scatter to get access to the Resize event. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 5305561619 Ongoing cleanup and refactoring of maps. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 88048f14ec Removed overdoscaling from SubmapScatter. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 4d6d2f1df0 Merge branch 'master' of gitea.iwm-tuebingen.de:IWMBrowser/iwmlib 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 6dcf6d38da Added functionality and dark mode to doctests. And other changes in maps. 1 year ago
  Sebastian Kupke 38e84ab9fe Updated dependencies. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 89395ba641 Updated mapapp. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 46b80c3e2a Added missing dependency to the iwmlib. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 285e41434a Continued refactoring of the maps library. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 58cbd44a7b Fixed map doctest. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel ef16f2b12b Improved doctests. 1 year ago
  Severin Opel 0a30712e31 Fixed overlay example to work with restructured GeoLayers. 1 year ago