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============ is the commenting system used since Plone 4.1.
It was initially developed as part of the Google Summer of Code 2009 by Timo Stollenwerk (student) and Martin Aspeli (mentor).

Add-on Products

- `collective.autoresizetextarea
  (for auto-resizing the comment textarea while typing)

- `plone.formwidget.captcha
  (for Captcha spam protection)

- `plone.formwidget.recaptcha
  (for ReCaptcha spam protection)

- `collective.akismet
  (for Akismet spam protection)

- `collective.z3cform.norobots
  (provides a "human" captcha widget based on a list of questions/answers)

Note: not all of these may be compatible with the current version of ```` and ``Plone`` itself.


There is initial `documentation <>`_ but it is outdated.
You will still get a feel for how the package is structured though.


- Timo Stollenwerk
- Martin Aspeli

Many thanks to:

- Jon Stahl (for acting as "the customer" during GSoC)
- David Glick (for technical expertise and advice during GSoC)
- Lennart Regebro (for writing the portal_discussion tool and initial unit tests)
- Carsten Senger (for fixing the comment z3c.form form and pizza)
- Hanno Schlichting (for making p.a.d work with Zope 2.12)
- Alan Hoey (for providing fixes)
- Maik Roeder (for providing and setting up a buildbot)