Private Gentoo ebuild overlay
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Torsten Kurbad c295fc2f23 Deleted obsolete ebuilds 3 years ago
app-backup/netvault-initscripts Deleted obsolete ebuilds 8 years ago
app-text/html2ps added html2ps ebuild 11 years ago
dev-python/gitlab3 Added python-gitlab3 ebuild 5 years ago
dev-vcs Updated gitlab / dependency ebuilds 5 years ago
metadata Added layout.conf 5 years ago
profiles Added package.mask for samba 4 11 years ago
sys-apps/pam_script New ebuild pam_script 13 years ago
sys-kernel/vserver-sources Added fixed version of vserver kernel (without xfs bug) 10 years ago
www-apache/mod_wsgi added nmod_wsgi-3.3 to overlay 10 years ago