An Open Source library for multi-touch, WebGL powered applications.
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<title>PIXI Maps Doctests</title>
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<h1>Maps Module</h1>
<p>The maps module provides a handy toolkit to easily integrate maps in an application. Create a full screen map
application by using the mapapp. Utilize the GeoLayer-system to integrate maps in an existing application.
Draw graphics onto the map using geographical positions instead of pixel positions with the GeoGraphics.
Or just use an Overlay to quickly draw icons for each point on a map.
<div id="container" class="container">
const index = new Index(itemTemplate, [
["GeoGraphics", "geographics.html"],
["GeoJson", "geojson.html"],
["GeoMap", "map.html"],
["MapApp", "mapapp.html"],
["MapData", "mapdata.html"],
["MapViewport", "mapviewport.html"],
["Overlay", "overlay.html"],
["Scatter", "scatter.html"]