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## Responsible person
Nora Wickelmaier
Referentin Forschungsmethoden und Forschungsdatenmanagement
Leibniz-Institut für Wissensmedien (IWM)
## Folder structure and naming conventions
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No other files than the downloads from qualtrics should go into this folder!
The `results` folder contains processed data. The scripts in `/code/` process
the data from `/rawdata/` and saves the files containing the processed data to
the data from `/rawdata/` and save the files containing the processed data to
`/results/`. Data can be exported as CSV files or RData files. If different file
formats contain the same data, they should be named identically, e.g.,
`data_rdm-ms-ss2024_cleaned.csv` and `data_rdm-ms-ss2024_cleaned.RData`.